About me:

I have recently retired and live in Cornwall. I have been a cyclist all of my life and have made a few cycling trips, both of which were fairly short and easy. To my wife’s horror, I plan to cycle from Cornwall to Munich to visit my friend’s As and Carla who live at Hofsingelding. If, after a couple of weeks’ recuperation, I still have any energy, I shall return via Belgium and Holland. I am excited about this, but still have some fears. I suffer from lupus, which gives me quite a lot of pain from time to time. Maybe I’ll get lonely…



Hmmm…just been out for the first long ride of the year and the arthritis in my thumbs makes changing gear very painful. Mind you, you have to change gear a lot in Cornwall, maybe it won’t be so bad in France/Germany….maybe?

My Big Adventure

I turned 65 this year and my friends seem to be dropping like flies. For a long time now, I have wanted to do a big cycling trip. My wife doesn’t cycle and my friends who do cycle still have jobs, so they won’t have the time off to be able to do the sort of trip I want to do. I have to admit that I was inspired by reading two of Mark Beaumont’s cycling books. I also have to admit that he is probably a bit fitter than me. A friend asked me if I was getting into training. I said, no, I knew how to cycle, I’ve done a two week trip before, this will be similar, but longer. I wonder if I’m right.